Your privacy is important to us.

This privacy policy outlines how we collect, use, and share your personal information when you use our services (“Services”). “We” and “us” refers to Zbiotics, Inc. and any of our corporate affiliates and partners. This privacy policy applies to customers, marketing newsletter subscribers, and website visitors. This privacy policy does not apply to data that is not personal data, including anonymous, de-identified, or aggregated data, even when such data has been derived from personal data.

What Personal Information We Collect & Why

Personal Data or Personal Information (PI) is information that relates to you, your household, or one of your devices.

We collect your information, such as name, email, phone number and address, when you contact us by email, SMS, social media, phone or at events.

When you visit our website we collect information about your internet or electronic activity (such as where you clicked and how long it took) and IP address.

When you subscribe to and receive our marketing newsletter emails, we collect your name and email address. We also collect certain information about your internet or electronic activity regarding our marketing emails, such as if you open the email and if you click any links within the email.

When you create a login and purchase our product, we collect your name, email address, phone number, postal address, and commercial information (your purchase history with us) and credit card or debit card number when you pay us.

We may use the information we collect to create inferences about how likely you might be to purchase our product.

We may occasionally view public social media profiles to gather information about our customers. A public social media profile may include protected class information such as age or gender. We use this information for internal purposes, in order to improve our own marketing efforts.

We collect this information for the following purposes:

Provide services

  • Process transactions with you, authenticate you when you log in, and operate and maintain the Site
  • Communicate with you about our Products , including confirming your purchases, responding to your support requests
  • Provide customer support to resolve technical issues you encounter, to respond to your requests for assistance, to analyze information, and to repair and improve the Services


  • Email newsletter subscribers with updates on product features
  • Provide retargeted advertising

Internal Research

  • Analyze user activity data to determine where we need to improve user and customer experience

Detect security incidents

  • Verify accounts and activity, monitor suspicious or fraudulent activity and identify violations of Service policies

Where We Collect Personal Information From

We collect personal information from you when you sign up for our mailing list, create an account, or interact with us through our website, phone, social media or email. We use cookies and similar tracking technologies to collect this information on our website, mobile application, and via email. Additionally, we collect your IP address from your internet service provider.

We may occasionally view public social media profiles to improve our marketing efforts.

How We Share Personal Information

We use service providers and other third party services to help perform essential business functions on our behalf. We do not share any information unnecessarily, and we carefully review the privacy policy of each service provider and third party to make sure your information is protected.

What We Share Who We Share It With (by category)
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Postal address
  • Business Communication Tool
  • Data Storage Service Provider
  • eCommerce Platform
  • Engineering Infrastructure Tool
  • Order Fulfillment Service Provider
  • Payment Processor
  • Sales and Marketing Tool
  • Commercial Information
  • eCommerce Platform
  • Engineering Infrastructure Tool
  • Order Fulfillment Service Provider
  • Payment Processor
  • Sales and Marketing Tool
  • Credit Card or Debit Card number
  • Payment Processor
  • IP Address
  • Ad Network
  • Data Storage Service Provider
  • Engineering Infrastructure Tool
  • Internet or Electronic Network Activity
  • Ad Network
  • Business Communication Tool
  • Data Storage Service Provider
  • Engineering Infrastructure Tool
  • Protected Class Information
  • Data Storage Service Provider
  • Inference
  • eCommerce Platform
  • Sales and Marketing Tool

Children’s Privacy

ZBiotics will never knowingly collect (or sell) the personal information from minors. Our website is not intended or developed for children or minors under the age of 16.

Data Retention

We retain all customer records such as purchases, and support tickets. Requests to fulfill rights as described below will be retained for at least 24 months.

Your Rights

You may exercise certain consumer rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by filling in this form. Your CCPA rights are described below.

Right to Know

You have the right to request information regarding the categories and specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you, as well as the sources of that information, the business purpose for collecting it, and what types of third parties we share or sell it with.

If you make a request more than twice in a 12-month period, you may be required to pay a small fee for this service.

Right to Deletion

You have the right to request that we delete any of your personal information. We will delete any personal information that is not critical to the normal business operation from our records and direct all of our service providers to do the same.

We consider data to be critical to our business operation if they are used to:

  • Provide goods or services to you
  • Detect and resolve issues related to security or functionality
  • Comply with legal obligations

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

We do not sell any information that identifies you, such as your name or contact information. However, we do ask advertisers to collect information from website visitors in order to advertise our services to them after they visit our website. This is called “retargeted advertising.” Under the CCPA’s broad definition of what it means to “sell” personal information, this form of advertising may be considered a “sale” of your information. The only information provided to the advertisers is your IP address, your activity while on our website, and information about your device (such as the name and model number of your device). If you do not want us to provide this information to our advertisers, you may opt out here:

Right to Non-Discrimination

If you exercise your consumer rights:

  • We will not deny goods or services to you
  • We will not charge different prices or rates for goods or services, including through the use of discounts or other benefits or imposing penalties
  • We will not provide a different level or quality of goods or services to you

Authorized Agent

You may designate someone an authorized agent to make a request under CCPA on your behalf. You can do this by providing written permission to authorize an agent to act on your behalf; the agent will need to verify their identity with us. Agents authorized by power of attorney are exempt from having to provide written permission, but must show documentation that power of attorney has been granted.

We will deny a request from an agent that does not submit proof that they have been authorized by you to act on your behalf.

Request Verification

Use the email address associated with the personal information we have collected about you to make your request. If you no longer have access to that email address, you will need to verify your identity through another piece of information we have collected about you, such as your phone number via SMS or voice call, or your address through mail.

If you have purchased our product in the past, we may ask you to confirm two to three pieces of behavioral data in order to verify your identity.

If we cannot verify your identity, we cannot fulfill requests to exercise any rights accorded to you by CCPA.


Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns.